VIP English highclass escort Bucharest

Contact Teresita calls only to handy between 19pm-5am everyday, earlier weekends 11am-5am:
I am new in business, please use a decent English language, short speech on handy //never text// and try not to argue ...too much. Speak as if you are inviting a lady, because this is how I feel and behave! Otherwise I might not show up or offer less!

+4 0733 001 265 no text on handy! just calls

Have the need to say more; please write me an email at
Do you wanna chat even more? I have skype+paypal and huge piles of sexy lingerie! I invite you for a show; if you have the sk/pp just call me and ask the show!

Age: 24;
Language: Fluent English
Other stats: 93-70-96
Orientation: Heterosexual
Hair: light brunette
Eyes: hazel
Height: 172